Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Grand Rapids

Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Grand Rapids (YNPN.GR) empowers emerging professionals to thrive, grow, and build community within the nonprofit sector.
Our membership-based organization supports the sector by assisting in the cultivation of entry- to middle-management professionals and sustaining a network of changemakers who connect their work and their passion on a daily basis. We support talent by creating opportunities for learning, networking, and recognition among individuals working in the nonprofit sector.

YNPN.GR is looking for nonprofit professionals to serve on our Board of Directors

If you have any questions please reach out to the current Board Chair Stacie Stephens at

Welcome to YNPN.GR

Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Grand Rapids is aligned with the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that engages and supports young nonprofit professionals across the country. Established in 1997 as a small gathering of peers in San Francisco, YNPN has grown from an informal gathering into a 50,000+ member network that has 40+ chapters from Seattle to Boston.

We are led by our Board Members and our work is made possible by our members and sponsors.

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YNPN.GR is a supportive network of professionals who serve the nonprofit sector in various capacities. By joining this robust network you will find colleagues to learn from and friendship to support you through your journey.

Additionally, YNPN.GR members have access to exclusive content like our job list member-only events and discounts.

Support the local nonprofit sector by becoming a member of YNPN.GR or sponsoring our work!